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I am overwhelmed by the professional and personal attention offered and excellent service provided in the field of Financial Planning
Software Engineer

We derived financial benefits as well as excellent planning for our future.
AP Cricket Veterans Association
Retired DGM SBI Bank

3rd Eye provide very objective opinion about the various financial products and suggest one that best suit the clients requirements
Project Consultant
Goldratt Consulting Ltd.

3rd Eye Financial Planners are very Good and provide Prompt Service.
Sales Head
Reliance Broadcast Ltd.

Highly recommend 3rd Eye team if you are looking for long term and reliable solutions for your financial goals.
Sr Leader
Fortune 100 company.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning helps you to take a holistic view of all your finances and in achieving your goals systematically.   Financial Planning drives you in analyzing your spending habits and reinforces discipline in savings. Further, it also helps you in building your wealth after providing for all eventualities.

The plans constructed by 3rd Eye Financial Planners, Hyderabad, are totally customer specific that no two plans with similar situations are identical. This unique aspect differentiates 3rd EYE Financial Planners from most other financial planners in India.

You will find that the Plan(s) prepared by 3rd EYE is/are not automated or just a computer generated report, but rather a meticulously drawn customized personal document by Certified Financial PlannerCM.

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Why Financial Planning?

Financial Planning guides you in achieving your goals in time without having to make any compromise or sacrifice. It provides you the comfort and security of fulfilling all your aspirations for you and for your family.

Broadly it will relieve you of all your anxiety and worry of fulfilling your personal and family obligations from time to time and thereby enabling you to perform all your professional duties, responsibilities and commitments more efficiently.

Who needs Financial Planning?

There is a myth that Financial Planning is for the affluent few.

Financial planning is for every person who has a dream or a plan for himself and family.

Financial Planning is for persons who need to manage and grow their wealth better and also for persons who wish to create wealth whether single or married, male or female, career beginner or retiree, salaried or entrepreneur.

Who is a Financial Planner?

A Financial Planner is someone who takes an overall view of your finances, your commitments, and your Family responsibilities and evolves the appropriate recommendation for you.

A Financial Planner is one who has intimate knowledge of various financial investments and tools that are available to achieve this.

Can I do my own Financial Planning?

Yes! There are plenty of software packages, books and magazines available which can help you make your plan. However, it may not provide the best solution that matches your requirement, as it is not customized exclusively for your need and situation.

Why 3rd Eye Financial Planners?

3rd Eye Financial Planners is a Professional Financial Planning firm managed by Qualified and Experienced Professionals like CFPCM and Chartered Accountant and backed by Professionals having expertise in Equity, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Taxation and other allied fields.

CFPCM – Certified Financial PlannerCM is the highest certification for the financial planning professional in the industry, awarded by Financial Planning Standards Board, India.

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