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There are lots of sellers / hawkers who call themselves Advisor. Most people realize very late that the two are a lot different. Primarily the Advisors are those Professionals who have their clients’ interest uppermost in all their advice while the Seller/ Hawker of Products ensure to protect their own interest in priority to their customers interest.

In the complex Financial Market, it is difficult for a Layman to understand all the products, situation & legislation. One needs a Personal Financial Advisor who guides him throughout his life on all Financial Matters.

The question is who is a Profession Advisor on whom you can trust. CFPCM (Certified Financial PlannerCM).

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professionals are members of an international community of elite financial planning practitioners who are committed to upholding the profession’s most rigorous global standards and putting clients’ interests first. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community. The CFPCM Certification wins trust and presents opportunities worldwide.

Seller Vs Advisor (CFPCM)

Below is the basic difference between Sellers of Financial Products & Advisors (CFPCM)

Product Seller

Advisor (CFPCM)

Intention is only to sell a Financial Product

Intention is to Advice the best possible option/alternative in the interest of Clients

Works for the commissions which they earn from selling products to the clients

Works for the clients benefit and not swayed by product commission

Will give you free advice which turns out to be expensive in long term

Charges Fee for the advice which turns out to be a profitable affair in long run

Have product knowledge of only those products which they sell

Have knowledge of all the products available in the market

Provides only those products which gives him the highest commission

Provides only such options which is best suitable and beneficial to the client

Is not Certified

Is Certified to advice by Financial Planning Standards Board India

Does not provide Need Based Advice

Provides Need Based Advice by providing Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Advantage of CFPCM over Sellers




Creates a Financial Plan


Need Based Advice


Cash flow & Budgeting


Risk management & Insurance Planning


Investment Planning

Retirement Planning


Asset Allocation Strategy


Debt Management


Tax Planning


Emergency Funding


Portfolio Tacking & Regular Review



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