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If you are a Non Resident Indian, you would like to deploy your savings in India in various instruments. Till the time you were a Resident Indian there were various options available for you to invest, but as a NRI the options narrows down with different taxation rules applicable.

Till date as an NRI you would have been investing in India trying to find out good options, but without proper Financial Planning approach. Time has come when you have to take prudent decision about your Finances which is possible only through Financial Planning approach.

We at 3rd EYE Financial Planners offer Financial Planning services to NRI’s also, our expertise helps NRI’s in properly deploying their funds in India in a planned manner which helps them to shape up their Financial Future.

Services we offer for NRI’s

  1. Help in opening an NRE account with the funds repatriated into India.
  2. Assist in getting KYC, Depository and Equity Trading accounts.
  3. Discuss and understanding NRI’s investment objectives defines his / her investment goals and priorities.
  4. Design a suitable matrix of tax efficient asset allocation, across various asset classes, commensurate to duration, repatriation and considering all other factors.
  5. Implement the said design and explore possibilities of General Exemption for Sale/Transfer of Shares/Bonds/Debentures of Indian Companies through a Stock Exchange acquired with repatriation benefits under the Portfolio Investment Scheme.
  6. Act as your representative for executing, negotiate, finalizing and making investments, agreements.
  7. Shall assist in collecting, investment proceeds, paying taxes, filing tax returns and maintain records.
  8. We monitor the performance and progress of portfolio on periodically and refine Strategy, if required and carry out portfolio rebalancing.
  9. We shall provide regular update(s) of the investment portfolio.


  1. Purchase and Sale of International Currencies and Travelers cheques.
  2. Purchase / Loading and Surrender of International Travel Currency Cards.
  3. Money Transfer Services for your near and dear thro Western Union, Money Gram and others.
  4. Overseas Travel Insurance

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